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“2 Shades Whiter in 6 Days” – Houston News

| By My Magic Mud

A Houston News affiliate did a piece on 3 products that claim to whiten teeth, and the results were a win for natural oral care. Every brand did well.

They evaluated our original activated charcoal tooth powder and besides the typical complaint about the messiness of using a black powder, they concluded that:

“Norman’s and Ridley’s teeth brightened by two shades after using My Magic Mud for six days.”

>>> Watch the full news special here.

It’s nice to see all the news coverage and mainstream knowledge of the slot online benefits of natural oral care products. When we started out, people would say “Activated what?!?” We’ve really come a long way.

It’s really only been this decade that regular people are starting to consider natural oral care, and you can see how big the demand is getting when there’s a natural section in every major store chain.

Very heartening.

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