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Shipping & Returns FAQ

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, Orders over $30 are Free Shipping.

Do you accept returns?

Sorry we do not accept returns or offer refunds at this time.

Do you ship to Alaska, Hawaii, and internationally?

We do not, however, the good news is that our products are available by respected online retail websites who will ship to you:

Alaska or Hawaii:




General Product FAQs

Do your products work?

Yes. Scientific evaluation by 3rd party laboratories, clinical trials, and objective product reviews, are the means by which we verify that our products do what they say they do. Our cosmetic products are made by the masters of their craft with decades of experience.

Do you guarantee quality, and are your products certified?

Our oral care products have many certifications and are accepted by the strictest regulatory bodies, worldwide. Our products meet the highest standards in the natural products industry and we use only premium and ethically sourced ingredients.

A list of our certifications:
Natural Cosmetics Standard
Leaping Bunny (Cruelty Free)
Certified Vegan

We include a satisfaction guarantee for all website purchases. Please contact us if you are unhappy for any reason with the quality of our products.

Where are your products made?

Our company is based in Texas and all of our personal care products are made in the USA. Our ingredients are globally sourced where they are indigenous and must meet our very strict ethical, sustainable, and natural standards.

Are your products Vegan & Cruelty Free?

Yes. All of them.

Will charcoal harm my enamel or cause sensitivity?

Though we cannot speak for other brands, our charcoal teeth whitening products are totally safe for your enamel. Our products have been tested by every available standard recognized by the American Dental Association to prove our products are objectively safe for the enamel and dentin. We’ve used REA, RDA, clinical trials, and proven ingredients that are recognized as safe for use in cosmetics and oral care.

Our products do not cause sensitivity because they are made with gentle ingredients. However, for some people, mint and other natural ingredients, can irritate sensitive areas of the gums. In the rare circumstance that sensitivity occurs, we’d suggest discontinuing use.

Will your products prevent cavities, plaque, and tartar?

Because our products do not contain fluoride or ingredients that would classify our oral care products as “OTC” (Over The Counter Drugs), we are legally prohibited from making any such claims. Our products are classified as cosmetics.

Safety & Allergen FAQs

Is your toothpaste safe for everyday use?

Yes, our products are tested to ensure enamel safety and are clinically proven with millions of units sold and thousands of 3rd-party verified product reviews.

Do you have a list of known allergens in your products?

Some of our products contain: citrus, tea tree, cinnamon, and tree nuts such as coconut derived ingredients. All ingredients are available on our website and can be seen on the product box. We suggest reviewing the ingredients on all of our products before use, and you should consult your doctor if you have any dangerous allergies, as known-allergens may not be listed as a disclaimer on our products.

Are your products gluten-free and non-gmo?

My Magic Mud products are gluten-free and non-gmo.

Are your products peanut-free?

My Magic Mud products are peanut free.

Can I use My Magic Mud products while pregnant?

Though our products are natural and mom-approved, we must advise that you consult your doctor and/or midwives before using our products. All ingredients are posted on each product landing page and on the product box.

What happens if I swallow your toothpaste or mouthwash?

If you accidentally swallow our oral care products, no problem. Our products do not contain fluoride or any toxic ingredients, however, it is not advisable to consume our toothpaste or mouthwash because they are not meant for ingestion. However, the beautiful thing about using clean, natural ingredients, is that swallowing a little is just fine.

Is your toothpaste safe for children?

Parental supervision is necessary, however, our products are made with natural ingredients, and therefore are gentle. We do not recommend peppermint, cinnamon, or spearmint flavors for young children, only because of the intensity of the flavor. We recommend our wintergreen flavor for young children, as it’s sweeter, gentler and less “spicy.”

Black charcoal oral care products can be very messy if not used properly, so we advise keeping these out of reach of young children.

Is your soap safe for children?

Natural bar soap can burn and irritate a child’s eyes and other sensitive areas, so we do not advise using our bar soaps and beauty products on children.

A Message From The Founder & CEO

Our products are made with premium ingredients—along with an uncompromising commitment to natural health and the highest ethical standards. The earth gives us everything we need. Our job is to formulate it.