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My Magic Mud World Tour: 2nd Stop – USA

| By My Magic Mud

Yes, I know, USA doesn’t count because we’re American. But it does count, our team is literally in a different state every month, and though this is home, touring the USA is awesome.

When we got back from Australia, we hit Texas (home), Baltimore, Seattle, and NYC.

Our HQ in New Braunfels

As you can tell, our team takes their job very seriously. This is what it’s like in our office.

September trip to Baltimore for Expo East

We really did it up at this Expo. We treated our team to an Orioles game and honestly, this was the coolest ever. The fans made us Orioles fans. We happened to be there when Trey Mancini had his first at-bat in his Major League career, and hit a Home Run with his mother in the audience. The entire stadium gave him a standing ovation for like 10 minutes straight. He made everyone’s dreams come true that night.

I’ve included the clip here:

Then Off to Seattle in December

Seattle is Jessica’s and my favorite city, or maybe 2nd favorite to NYC, but we just love it there.

We went there to meet all of our Pacific Northwest stores. We participated in the NPA Northwest show but mostly we went there for the fun.

We Then Flew Directly to Manhattan

Last minute, we just got word The Vitamin Shoppe wanted an in person meeting to onboard our entire line. After our meeting in New Jersey, we lived it up with much to celebrate. Our first HUGE account. They’ve been a dream for us ever since.

>>> Now Let’s Head To Europe Together

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