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My Magic Mud World Tour: 6th Stop – Venice, Italy

| By My Magic Mud

The Mud Train runs on steam so we had to stop her in Munich and hop on board a bullet train so that we could scale the Alps into Italy, which delivered us into Venice.

In Italy, My Magic Mud would be participating in its second European trade fair; two in just 30 days. Our trip from Germany, to Prague, and through Amsterdam, came to a close, however the Italian portion of our World Tour was just beginning.

Here’s some pictures from the bullet train from Munich to Venice:

Lestat knows how to make himself at home.

All the women at his service:

Anything he wants, he gets.

The obligatory beer on a beautiful ride through the Alps. Why not?

And we arrived in Venice

The train systems in Europe are fantastic, just always make sure you’re on the fast trains and not the ones that stop constantly. Spend that extra money and do it up right, such a pleasant way to travel.

Almost instantly, we had to jump on a Gondola! Azzy was terrified but he braved it through.

Venetian life

We had breakfast here every morning.

In Venice, so many people walk these cute little dogs everywhere. It seems posh to hold a cute dog while you’re walking. This one was adorable and loved Jessica. Coincidentally, we caught a picture of the old man in the back who was at this coffee shop every day. This guy was so tiny and his Italian was old and beautiful; it’s likely he’s been frequenting this place for years. Every morning, he has a watered-down wine in a shot glass and smokes cigarettes with other locals. Loved just watching him. By the end of our trip, he’d start smiling at us. This was our favorite coffee shop in Venice, and we’d always get an assortment of their “crunchies” which were like little pieces of toasted bread with different smears, fish, jams, cabbage, and cheese. The bill was always super cheap, but the quality of the cafe lattes and food was amazing. The girls working here were really cute as well, and the old gentleman that owned the place was very charming and sweet. Love it here…

Our favorite spot in Venice

This was our favorite plaza in Venice. This place got me all choked up, it was so beautiful. I told Jessica that when I expire, she can come here to remember me and our moment together.

Doge Palace

Pagan symbols are found throughout most of the important civic buildings and cathedrals that we’ve visited throughout Europe. This is another council room in the Doge Palace

[image below] The three magistrates would sit here to decide the fate of prisoners after reviewing the evidence. The inquisitors’ chambers are in the very next room. They used these cubic shapes to further press there dominance and disorient a prisoner, they also had lady justice and angels cutting through men in the ceiling artwork. Pretty intense room. Very masonic as well

[image below] That is how the Venetians tortured people during interrogations. String them up with their arms suspended behind them. If they didn’t like your answers they’d keep pulling. Afterwards, different men would come tend to you, give you a nice meal, massage you, tell you everything would be alright, and then different men would torture you 10 hours later. They had strict rules on torture, and they even made you see a doctor first to evaluate whether you were in the proper mind frame and physical condition to withstand torture. Not kidding.

Torture & Interrogation Room

Canova’s Toomb

Canova was a famous artist and architect in Venice. We visited this tomb in a cathedral and I was blown away by how pagan / Egyptian it was. In a time when being a heretic could get you burned alive, I was shocked by the imagery in this ancient cathedral.

Venetian Opera

This was the most memorable experience: taking our family to a beautiful Opera that was high energy, and even made them laugh. Once in a lifetime experience.

Gallery of our Adventures in Venice

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