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Small Town Company Strikes Gold with Charcoal!

| By My Magic Mud

My Magic Mud won the National Nutrition CA Award for Best Mouth Care!

“In 2018, My Magic Mud® was deemed the Fastest Selling Natural Oral Care Brand, was featured in the 90th Academy Award Gift Bags, and also, took home the National Nutrition CA Award for Best Mouth Care. My Magic Mud® is also the ONLY activated charcoal oral care product that is CLINICALLY tested and proven to work. Even though you can find the products in over 30,000 locations, you will ALWAYS find this nationally acclaimed award winner at their local farmer’s markets staying true to their hometown roots.”

A Message From The Founder & CEO

Our products are made with premium ingredients—along with an uncompromising commitment to natural health and the highest ethical standards. The earth gives us everything we need. Our job is to formulate it.