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SPINS Report: My Magic Mud “Fastest Selling” Brand in Natural Oral Care Nationwide

| By My Magic Mud

In a 12-week industry analysis, SPINS conducted a report in natural oral care, and determined that according to in store revenue over total distribution points, My Magic Mud is the fastest moving brand in natural oral care.

My Magic Mud is also charting at #6 in overall scanned sales across the entire category.

Report is from May, June, and July of 2017.

SPINS is the leading provider of retail consumer insights, and analytics reporting.

Last week My Magic Mud was also mentioned in The Wall Street Journal:

Speaking of New York…

The City means the world to Jessica and me, we just love it there. And to have a window display in the center of the Universe, is pretty cool:

In Texas news, HEB has been kicking so much butt with our product line in their natural section. HEB is a favorite among Texans, and it just rocks that they stock a Texas oral care brand, especially when our children get to say “Hi Mommy!” every time we go pick up our family groceries.

Below is a picture of Jessica, founder of My Magic Mud, with Lestat, our 2yo. When they walked up, he said “Look! It’s Mommy!”

So many successes! Not bad for a local farmers market brand 🙂

And FYI, we still do the local market in our community every Saturday morning. We like to keep it real.

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