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Study Shows My Magic Mud Is Safe For Enamel

| By My Magic Mud

Laboratory study which measures Dentin abrasion (RDA) and Enamel abrasion (REA) confirms safety of My Magic Mud.

Values above demonstrate My Magic Mud is within acceptable limits for products on the market today and meets ISO and American Dental Association requirements.

Toothpaste RDA Value 136.
Toothpaste REA Value 2.54

Tooth Powder RDA Value 116
Tooth Powder REA Value 0.74

The procedure used was the ISO / ADA recommended procedure for determination of dentifrice abrasivity. This study was run in compliance with the FDA GLP as closely as possible. This study has been conducted and reviewed according to the FDA Monograph on Anticaries Drug Products for Over the Counter Human Use and the FDA Good Laboratory Practices to the best of our knowledge.

Understanding RDA (Relative Dentin Abrasion) according to American Dental Association:

“To help quantify the abrasivity of dentifrices, the ADA along with various academic, industry and government agencies established a standardized scale called Relative Dentin Abrasivity (RDA). This scale assigns dentifrices a value from 0 to 250, relative to a standard reference abrasive that is arbitrarily given an RDA value of 100 All dentifrices at or below 250 RDA are considered safe and effective. In fact, clinical evidence supports that lifetime use of proper brushing technique with a toothbrush and toothpaste at an RDA of 250 or less produces limited wear to dentin and virtually no wear to enamel.”

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