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The Ancients Did Toothpaste Right

| By My Magic Mud

Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

The ancients were doing more right than rockin’ togas and tunics.

They did toothpaste right.

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Enter ancient Greek physician Hippocrates. Sound familiar?

It should, he’s more than a stoic beauty with a waterfall beard.

He’s considered the father of modern medicine. We can thank him and his Hippocratic corpus for many ethical practices we enjoy in medicine today.

We can also thank him for the idea of using substances to clean our teeth. According to the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, in 355 BCE Hippocrates was the first to recommend a powder to clean teeth.1

But the Greeks used something different than what we think of today in modern toothpaste. In fact, ancient people from Egyptians to Romans had a more effective way to clean and whiten teeth.

Enter charcoal.

It may seem out there. But, the ancients knew it was the best way to whiten teeth—and you can’t argue with a toga. Before modern dental care relied on chemicals for cleaning and whitening, they turned to much more natural ingredients to keep their smile pearly white.

David Osborn is a holistic health consultant who specializes in ancient Greek medicinal practices who devotes a portion of his studies to Greek dental hygiene.

Osborn credits the Greeks as the forerunners to modern toothpaste. They used substances like charcoal and ashes to cleanse teeth and remove toxins.2

Using crude toothbrushes made from the laurel tree, which provided therapeutic essential oils, or even one’s finger, they would dip their moistened ‘brush’ into these powders to brush teeth.

The ancient Chinese focused more on ashes to cleanse and whiten teeth using remnants from burned ox hooves and eggshells to form a powder.3

And it worked.

A 2014 study out of King’s College London showed Romans living from 200-400 AD had far less gum disease than exists today.  Only five percent of the 303 skulls examined suffered gum disease. 4

Compare that to the 50 percent of Americans who suffer some form of gum disease today, according to the Centers for Disease Control.4

Clearly, the ancients had it right.

So what’s so great about charcoal and ash anyway?

Let’s revisit our friend Hippocrates.

He used what’s known as activated charcoal to treat patients with ailments from poisoning to infection.

One of the best absorptive agents, activated carbon can be used to treat alcohol poisoning as it absorbs harmful toxins included in alcohol such as artificial sweeteners and chemicals.

The ancients used all-powerful and natural activated charcoal for numerous medicinal purposes, including dental hygiene—even teeth whitening.

Ancient societies placed high value on physical beauty. A white, shimmering smile was a mark of beauty.

Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and even Native Americans depended on powders made of charcoal and ash to obtain these coveted dazzling smiles.

According to Healthy Holistic Living, a health research organization, carbon found in active charcoal is the single best substance to remove acidic plaque from teeth. It is especially effective at removing coffee stains.

More than the superficial aspect, ancients also depended on charcoal and ash to maintain oral health.

Unfortunately, due to lack of education about oral hygiene, the ancients also suffered many dental problems.

According to a study from the British Dental Journal, ancient slot gacor hari ini Egyptians suffered tooth decay so prevalent, 90 percent of the mummified skulls examined reveled signs of tooth decay.

Fast forward to 2013.

We may only be wearing togas for Halloween parties, but luckily, we can still get the magic of activated charcoal to whiten teeth just as our ancient predecessors.

Enter My Magic Mud.

Jessica Arman combined tradition of the past with science and research of the present to redefine modern dental care.

She was the first ever do combine charcoal and bentonite clay (ash) and faced skeptics.

But not all had forgotten the ancient traditions. Dr. Griffin Coal, world renowned dentist, was the first to endorse My Magic Mud.


Since Dr. coal’s endorsement, charcoal to whiten teeth has flooded social media and My Magic Mud is now available worldwide.

The all-natural ingredients are a blast from the past your mouth will thank you for.

Activated charcoal from coconut shells and daftar situs judi slot online terpercaya bentonite clay (volcanic ash) unite to deliver the best clean for your mouth and teeth.

Add organic mint and organic orange peel to help clean teeth and remove stains while leaving your teeth and mouth fresh.

The whitening power from My Magic Mud delivers out of this world results. You’ll wonder why we ever diverted from ancient ways in the first place.

Get your powder today. And don’t forget to thank Hippocrates.


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