The Premier of Our New Music Video

| By My Magic Mud

Face Soap

Here’s a first-viewing and behind the scenes look at our new music video. So much work went into this, I can’t believe it’s finally here.

My Magic Mud customers have consistently expressed the positive oral hygiene and teeth whitening benefits after using our tooth powder with activated charcoal. It’s not difficult to imagine the one complaint we’ve heard time and time again, “It’s a muddy mess!”

It became clear to our team that an informative, yet wildly entertaining, how to use video was precisely what was needed in order to communicate helpful tips for application in an effort to minimize the mess and maximize the magic!

Our new how to use rap parody video, featuring rap artist MC Lunchboxx, is educational, amusing, hilarious, and flat out clever! MC Lunchbox teaches the viewer how to, and how not to, apply our detoxifying and whitening tooth powder while rapping lyrics from the accordion style insert found within our product packaging. Our imaginations ran wild during the creation of our video, resulting in flamboyant scenes that include toxins exploding, and dancing hipster gangster posse.

Here’s some pics from behind the scenes:
Mud Mud Baby Music Video

My Magic Mud Music Video

Action Shot Music Video


Music Video Lyrics

Alright, Stop. Grab Your Mud and Listen.
It could get messy, pay close attention.
Careful, our jars are sealed tightly.
Open over sink, don’t inhale, use nightly.
Does it really work? Yo, fo sho.
Shovel half a scoop, and let’s go.
Under your tongue, or on top of damp bristles.
Blowing up toxins, like dentistry missiles.
Gentle, brush only two minutes.
Keep lips closed, head down, don’t spill it.
Brightening, Magic Mud is so whitening.
Minimize the mess, to make it less frightening.
Quit it, don’t spit it, just let it fall out.
Keep the water running while you rinse your mouth.
If it’s too messy, try brushing in the shower.
We promise you’ll love our whitening tooth powder!
Word to your molar.

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Credits To Our Amazing Crew

Videography & Editing: Jeff Zavala, ZGraphix Productions
Directed By: Jessica & Justin Arman, Rebecca Powers
Audio Producer: Seth Blaustein
Lyrics: Rob Hinojosa
MC Lunchboxx Dylan Higgins
Girlfriend Ashley LeBlanc
Boyfriend Corey Evans
Posse #1 Kristoffer Celera
Posse #2 Josh Kelley
Posse #3 Mikey Arman
Posse #4 Nathan Hellrung
Female Dancer Brigitte Menard
Young Dancer Avelinn Hicks
Young Dancer Lex Sanchez

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